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Sex Crimes are any specifically defined crimes relating to sexual acts or sexual behaviors that can be prosecuted by state courts. LACD Attorneys have proven track record of success in defending these charges. In fact, we are recognized as a state wide experts in the defense of these difficult “high stakes” cases.

Sex crimes conviction can be extremely damaging to your future. In addition to facing whatever penalties come with the specific crime you allegedly committed, you will probably also have the burden of lifetime sex offender registration imposed on you. This can ruin your personal and professional reputation for life.

As soon as you realize you are a person of interest in an investigation, you can and should retain a skilled sex crimes defense attorney such as Chambers Law Firm. We can help you through every step of the process, from the initial police questioning to posting bail after arrest to defending you in court. We will make sure your rights are protected and fight aggressively for the best possible resolution to your case.


Indecent Exposure:
This crime covers the exposure of one’s genitals for the purposes of sexual gratification or to give offense.

Child Molestation:
Deliberately touching a child or causing a child to touch you or another person for the purposes of any party’s sexual arousal or gratification is a crime.

Child Pornography:
It is a crime to knowingly possess, send, duplicate, produce, advertise, sell, or exchange materials depicting minors engaged in sexual activity or in sexually explicit poses.

Engaging in or offering to engage in prostitution is a crime, whether you are the prostitute, the john, or the pimp.

Sexual Battery:
If you touch an intimate part of another person’s body without their permission and for the purposes of sexual gratification, arousal, or abuse, you can be charged with sexual battery.

If you have sexual intercourse with someone who does not consent to the act or cannot consent due to intoxication, mental disorders, or unconsciousness, this is rape.

Statutory Rape:
Any time an adult has sexual intercourse with a minor under age 18, it is considered rape, regardless of whether the minor consented.

Legal Advice for Los Angeles Sex Crime Cases

At LACD, we never try to provide one-size-fits-all defense arguments, especially in cases involving serious sex crimes. Instead, we will carefully review the evidence in your case to develop a personalized defense strategy tailored to your specific circumstances and goals for the resolution of your case.

We are extremely familiar with the rules of evidence and the important role that forensic analysis of hair, fibers, DNA, and other evidence can play in sex crimes cases. We will know how to challenge these types of evidence, and ideally we will be able to show that there is insufficient evidence to convict you. Alternatively, we might be able to argue that you actually did have the consent of the alleged victim at the time of the sex act. Even if the evidence against you is strong, we can still help by negotiating a plea deal for you. This will help secure a more lenient penalty. Often, we are also able to secure a reduced charge that may not even carry sex offender registration requirements.

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