About LA Criminal Defenders Law Firm

Established to help those who have been arrested and charged with felonies, misdemeanors, and DUIs. We believe everyone deserves their day in court and you are innocent until proven guilty. We can provide you with peace of mind knowing that you have chosen us to defend you.

When you need an experienced attorney to skillfully fight your case, LACD is here for you. Your case has the potential to be won, no matter how it may appear on the surface.

Our team of Criminal Defense and Professional License Defense Attorneys handle cases throughout California from our offices in Los Angeles, Glendale, Pasadena, Santa Monica, and Orange County.

The firm’s award winning team of top defense attorneys have decades of experience successfully fighting over 200 cases and jury trials. When you hire LACD Law Group, you bring the full force of our extensive experience, formidable courtroom skills, and reputation with judges and District Attorneys to help win your case.

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The Firm

LACD (LA Criminal Defenders) is an experienced Los Angeles Criminal Defense Law Firm, which has established a reputation among clients, prosecutors, and judges as honest, trustworthy, and highly skilled practitioners.

We recognize the stress and anxiety brought about when people are faced with criminal charges that may have a devastating effect on their lives. Achieving positive results for these individuals requires attorneys steeped in California law who also possess insight into human nature.

We at LACD Law Group understand that we, as Los Angeles criminal lawyers, are expected to be compassionate and sympathetic as we listen carefully to client problems.

To prepare a solid defense strategy, we have found that practicing every day in the courtrooms of Los Angeles and surrounding counties has afforded us the opportunity to gain intimate knowledge of the reasoning used by prosecutors and judges as they assess the cases brought before them. This valuable information, and that gathered from listening to client predicaments, is then used to refute vigorously the arguments presented by district attorneys.

Underlying the entire LACD Law Group approach to winning in court is the importance of open and frequent communication. This skill is second nature to us. We know that speaking forthrightly about possible consequences and always being available to answer client questions is essential for a positive attorney-client relationship.

We have used our good communication techniques to become accomplished negotiators. Thus, if we cannot convince the judge to dismiss a case outright, we turn to plea bargaining where we use our talent to persuade as a tool to obtain the best possible results for our clients. We project confidence, and this trait leads to trust and faith in us as we work tirelessly and diligently to fight the charges brought against our clients. Hard work, perseverance, and determination are what you can expect from your Los Angeles criminal lawyer from the LACD Law Group.

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The Difference between Lawyers at “LA Criminal Defenders” and other law firms in California is the personal relation we built with our clients. Our Attorneys will personally handle your case and will not pass you off to any associate after completing the initial interview. By hiring us, you will receive the personal attention of an attorney with a proven track record. More importantly, you will receive the quality representation and respect that you deserve during this difficult time.

C.R. McReynolds

An experienced and compassionate lawyer who aggressively defends his clients rights. He has gained much experience in the courtroom handling a wide array of felonies, misdemeanors, and DUIs. Over the years Mr. McReynolds track record speaks for itself, having successfully defended many clients and secured favorable results for those he has represented.. Read More.

Narek Vardanyan

Drawing from more than a decade of experience in criminal field, Mr. Vardanyan now specializes in the defense of complex criminal matters in state and federal courts nationwide. Having litigated approximately 50 jury trials, he has successfully defended attorneys, medical professionals, business owners and corporations on felony and misdemeanor crimes nationally. Mr. Vardanyan specializes in all criminal defense matters including allegations of sex crimes, federal violations, drug crimes, domestic violence, white-collar crime, juvenile court, and DUI.. Read More.

Chris Nalchadjian

Mr. Nalchadjian is a Los Angeles, California, based criminal defense attorney. A founding partner of Los Angeles Criminal Defenders (LACD) Law Offices, Mr. Nalchadjian defends clients throughout the Los Angeles metropolitan area against all types of criminal charges, including those involving elder abuse, juvenile crimes, drug crimes, sex crimes, violent crimes and white-collar crimes.. Read More.

Team Members

When deciding on a criminal defense law firm, choose wisely as your future could depend on it. We offer our many positive reviews, client and peer ratings, and accreditations to put your mind at ease that we are a law firm you can rely on to defend you.

Bellow are a list of all team members of LA Criminal Defenders Law Firm.


LACD helped me with my case, and I’m amazed by their incredible job! I’m so happy I chose their Law Firm to represent me after my accident. They were very professional, and they always kept me updated. Their team made sure all the questions were answered. If you are looking for an experienced, intelligent, and caring legal team, go with them, and you won’t regret it. I highly recommend their Law Firm!!!

Gayane Pandunts

A truly great law firm to work with. I had to deal with an awful car accident situation and was referred to LACD. Narek and the entire team were on top of everything from start to finish and guided me through the chaos with ease. Very professional and communicative, and genuinely interested in helping me through the process. They sure everything went smoothly and I couldn’t be happier. Highly recommend!

Adelina Sarkisyan

Very honest and genuine. The first meeting was in-person and not over the phone. They took the time to listen to my whole story. They gave me honest advice and peace of mind that only my close friends and family would have given me. I will definitely go back to them and wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone.

Karl Barros

Looking for a good lawyer this is the place. They are a big help. They help you so much and make sure you know what’s going on all the time.

Ashley Wade