Los Angeles Criminal Attorney Chris Nalchadjian

Earned his undergraduate degree in Biology from California State University. Graduated from Whittier Law School in Costa Mesa.

Attorney Chris Nalchadjian graduated from California State University of Northridge and attended Whittier Law School. He earned his Bachelors of Arts degree in Biology from California State University, Northridge. After his undergraduate career,

Mr. Nalchadjian sought his long-life aspirations of pursuing a career in the legal industry. He began his legal career at Whittier Law School in Costa Mesa, California. There too Mr. Nalchadjian was an active member amongst multiple bar associations. Mr. Nalchadjian not only received a Juris Doctorate Degree, but also received a concentration in Criminal Law in 2018. His summers were spent at the George Duekmedjian Courthouse in Long Beach, CA where he got most of exposure to criminal procedures, trials, and getting an insight to law enforcement testimony about practice, procedure, and customs in conducting criminal investigations.

In addition to his courtroom experiences during his educational career, Mr. Nalchadjian also worked at some of the most prestigious law firms practicing criminal defense. There he would conduct investigations, align witnesses, draft trial briefs and motions in limine, prepare witnesses, and file mitigation and sentencing briefs with the prosecutorial agencies in their respective courthouse. Mr. Nalchadjian’s went onto second chair trials in various criminal matters involving homicide, burglary, domestic violence, fraud, conspirations, and kidnapping. Working at these law firms throughout Southern California, gaining knowledge, insight, and experience in criminal filings and the justice system laid the foundation for Mr. Nalchadjian’s criminal defense career.

As a licensed attorney in the State of California, he prides himself on being an honest individual who diligently and respectfully upholds the fiduciary duties created under the attorney client privilege. What makes him different from others is that he takes his time to be prepared in every case to the very last detail.