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If you have been arrested or charged with a crime in Los Angeles, it is important to reach out to an attorney who can help you navigate the process. Hiring an attorney soon after arrest (or even in anticipation of an arrest) may keep you from making mistakes that could cost you your freedom.

Some examples of crimes that may require strong legal defense include, but are not limited to: DUIs, drug charges, white collar crimes, violent crimes, sex crimes, theft offenses, hate crimes, domestic violence, child abuse and juvenile crimes. Some Los Angeles criminal defense attorneys focus on certain types of offenses, whereas other attorneys handle a variety of criminal defense cases.

Below are a list of carefully chosen resources you might need in research journey before hiring a Los Angeles Experienced Criminal Attorney which we highly recommend to do as soon as possible.



In every criminal case, the person accused of a crime is presumed to be innocent until proven guilty. This means that the government is required to prove every element of its case beyond a reasonable doubt. The “reasonable doubt” standard is the highest standard in the American legal system and it is deliberately designed this way because an individual’s liberty is at stake in these cases. Thus, even if a prosecutor leads you to believe they have a “slam dunk” case, they still have to prove every element of the crime(s) of which you are accused.

Under California law, proof beyond a reasonable doubt is proof that leaves you with an “abiding conviction” that the charge is true. The evidence does not need to eliminate all possible doubt because anything is technically possible or susceptible to imaginary doubt. Rather, the fact finder should properly consider and compare all of the evidence that was presented throughout the trial. It is important to note that the accused has the right to cross-examine all the evidence presented by the prosecution to establish its case.

Bring charged with a crime is a serious matter and should be handled as quickly as possible. A Los Angeles criminal defense attorney can help you defend your rights and your freedom.


If you cannot find legal aid and pro bono services in your area or do not qualify for their services, you may consider Los Angeles Private Practice Criminal Lawyers.